Mblima, Rwanda





Farmer: Dukunde Kawa Cooperative
Region: Musasa
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Elevation: 1,600-2,000m
Process: Fully washed, patio dried

Farm information: 

This special micro-lot was produced by a group of women who are part of the Dukunde Kawa Cooperative. They own small farms near the Mbilima washing station, which is located in the region on Musasa at an altitude of 2,020 metres above sea level, making it one of Rwanda’s highest washing stations. It’s name which affectionately translates as the  “love coffee” with reference to positive impact specialty coffee has had on directly improving the lives of the local community. Coffee like this is considered  as being a prime tool in fuelling the recovery from the destruction caused by genocide and civil war in the country. With direct foreign aid over recent years, it has allowed over 1,800 small producing farmers to come together and combine their harvests into large enough quantities to export. With 80% of the farms employees being female, the cooperative has been successful in developing the lives of local families with members at least doubling their income with a focus on quality over quantity, demonstrating an impressive level of care taken during processing. Many of which now have access to health care for the first time. The cooperative allocates 10% of their annual profits to building new washing stations around the country.

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