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Sitio Colinas – Brazil


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Farmer: Luiz Flavio Pereira de Castro
Region: Minas Gerais
Varietal: Yellow Catuai
Elevation: 1,100m
Process: Pulped Natural

Farm information: This is a farm steeped history having been passed down from generation to generation and we have been so impressed with the coffees we get to taste from these producers year after year. A large part of the farm has been left as natural forrest with the name of the farm itself meaning ‘blessed by God and Nature’. This lot has been produced without any fermentation to give us a sweet, transparent profile. During this process known as ‘pulped natural’ the skin of the coffee cherry is removed leaving the fruity mucilage intact during the drying process. Eventually this is washed away to create the sweet, clean, and vibrant cup that is harder to find with other natural / dry processed coffees. This is one ideal for the milk based espresso drinkers. So pretty much everyone :)

The above coffee is part of our “Sunday Roast” collection. Meaning that we only get to roast it once a week because it’s a little more special. Orders must be received by COB Friday (WST) to be roasted Sunday and shipped the following Monday. Pass me the gravy please mum.

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