The most exciting blog post ever

October 11, 2013 / no comments

So here it is, numero uno. The first post of many on this virtual rant space. Chances are if you landed here you will see we are trying to bring a little dose of freshness to the beautiful world of coffee and represent what we are about and what Perth and more broadly Australia is all about. We’ve been workin’ our asses off to bring to our customers and pretty much anyone with a reasonable interest in Coffee, an accessible, super easy resource that they can drop in on from time to time. For us, it’s a cool avenue to explore and play around with a range of products and practices that are out there. To thrash out new trends, and promote anything we get excited over. Mostly it gives us a chance to engage with our local coffee community and the budding Micrologists who support us.

Expect to see info on brewing recipes and tips, cool products or joints to check out, recaps on sourcing trips and other worthy industry news and viewpoints. We really appreciate feedback; so if you find something that you really love or think something could be improved do not hesitate to hit us up via email, Facebook, or Twitter. We’ll be listening and constantly trying to lift our game.

We basically want to create a growing location for all of those who are keen to learn more and understand how we do things. How we strive for that even better tasting cup of Coffee.