Introducing the Taste Master to Cold Brew Coffee

January 31, 2014 / no comments

WA Tourism recently ran a global competition offering a grand prize for the “Best Job in the World”. The winner, Rich Keam from Brighton in the UK was required to be WA’s official ‘taste-master’ and is being paid to experience the best produce and dining around our great state. Not a bad gig at all.

So as part of the #Eatperth campaign, we were asked to get involved as they documented what a day in Perth City had to offer. With the summer heat, it made sense to switch up the morning Flat White for a Cold Drip coffee, which was something the guys never had experienced before. So I gave them a little schooling on what Cold Drip coffee is all about with the footage being sent around the world to promote little old Perth!

Shot Uncle Joes Mess Hall on King Street, where the Cold Brew coffee flows like wine.

– Dan

If you want to check out where Rich has been around Perth during his travels, check the blog:

Home Brew Essentials No.1: How to Aeropress

December 25, 2013 / no comments

A quick guide to using your Aeropress.

To be honest since starting to use the Aeropress, the cupboard full of sophisticated plungers and engineered droppers have sadly been more than neglected. This inexpensive and basic device, produces an incredibly impressive cup time after time, regardless of how geeky you wanna get. Its probably the quickest way to prepare your morning brew if you are running out the door and only takes a quick rinse before its ready to go again.

I used to say this about my iPod, but I would genuinely hate to forget to pack this badboy when I’m travelling. It would just be sad trip.

As part of our ‘home-brew essentials’ video series, here is a couple of quick recipes for you to try. Don’t have one yet? Then its time to get familiar with our online store or just drop us an email and we’ll hook you up!