Ayla Bombe Ethiopia Espresso
Single Origin

Ayla Bombe Ethiopia Espresso

Blackberrry Caramel Grape

Ayla Bombi Estate is a small farm owned and operated by the founder of the prominent Ethiopian Coffee Group, Testi Coffee. Located in the village of Bombe near the Bombe Mountain. Most farming families look after plot of land around 2.5 hectares that are commonly combined and blended for processing at the local washing station. Therefore it is quite unique for an Ethiopian coffee to have traceability to a single estate. The coffee grown in the Sidama region tends to grow earlier than in Gedeo (Yirgacheffe) or Guji zones. Sidama coffee is often sought after for it delicate fruits, herbaceousness and buoyant citric acidity. Faysel purchased the property in 2020 and immediately started developing the processing systems to optimise quality. Natural processed coffees are rare from this region. This is a grade 1 lot meaning the cup quality and physical preparation is the best that Ethiopia certifies. Testi Coffee represents a number of processors in Eastern Sidama, whose coffees are always among the most incredible we try each year. 

Faysel uses a particular blend of cherry ripeness, combining 85 % fully-ripe, 10% over-ripe, and 5% under-ripe cherry together for processing, so as to balance sugars and acids in the final lot. Once fresh-picked cherry is blended to spec and floated to remove all low density coffee, the cherry is allowed to rest submerged underwater for 8 hours, which Faysel believes helps to initiate sugar breakdown inside the cherry and sweeten the final coffee. After the soaking is complete, cherry is laid out to dry on shaded raised beds at a depth of 5cm, where they are constantly rotated for 28 days.

Farmer: Faysel Abdosh

Region: Sidama

Varietal: JARC 71110 & 71112

Elevation: 1,900-2,000m

Process: Natural