Maraba Sovu Rwanda Espresso
Single Origin

Maraba Sovu Rwanda Espresso

Chamomile Honey Juicy

Produced by a group of smallholder producers who farm in the hills surrounding the Sovu washing station. The Co-op own three washing stations in the district and produce 100% Red Bourbon varietal. They group are often recognised in the Cup of Excellence program. The group recently invested in improvements in their cherry sorting equipment and water treatment facilities. The area around Sovu washing station has ideal growing conditions for high-quality coffee, with high elevations, good rainfall and steady, cool temperatures year-round. Coffee from this region is characterised by heavy sweetness and juicy fruit notes due to its high elevations, good rainfall and steady cool temperatures year round.

Farmer: Abahuzamugambi Co operative 

Region: Huye

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Elevation: 1,500-1,800m

Process: Fully Washed