Puerta Verde Java Guatemala
Single Origin

Puerta Verde Java Guatemala

Part of an exclusive 450kg 100% Java micro-lot, Ricardo and the Zelaya family have been producing coffee along the volcanic range that surrounds Anitgua for over 100 years. Puerta Verde means ‘Green door’ and derives from its unique position in the picturesque Panchoy Valley, home to rich volcanic soil, plentiful water and some of the best coffee grown in the area. Ricardo operates four farms around the region and carefully looks after every step of production from planting, to picking to export as they own their own wet and dry mill. Most of the farm produces Caturra and Bourbon varieties, and a small plot dedicated to more exotic varieties including this Java.

Farmer: Ricardo Zelaya

Region: Antigua

Varietal: Java

Elevation: 1,504M

Process: Fully Washed