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The beauty of a seasonal blend is that its components frequently evolve in order to showcase the full flavor of freshly harvested coffee sourced from exceptional farmers that are obsessive as we are about perfecting what they do. We believe every bean offers a special and unique combination of balance and sweetness which as a blend, creates a rich and complex flavor profile, which presents well black and with milk. The current blend is made up of three very unique and highly regarded coffees in their own right. It’s the cup of coffee you never want to finish, with a melted milk chocolate mouth-feel and a sweet toffee aftertaste. Think, eating a Caramello Koala that you forgot you had in your pocket.

It’s like walking out of the barbershop looking fresh on a summer’s afternoon.

The autumn 2020 Barbershop Blend is currently made up of:

Onca Parada – Brazil
Ruli womens coffee – Rwanda
Lama Preta – Brazil

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