Panela Organic Sugar




This 100% organic Panela, or sometimes referred to as Raspadura, is unrefined whole sugar from Costa Rica that is extracted from the juice of sugarcane plants where the molasses is retained during the milling and drying process and posseses a  lower GI to regular sugar.

This extensive process commences from when the fully mature sugar cane is harvested and pulped to remove its natural juices. The remaining pulp fibres are recycled as fuel for the boilers that reduce the extracted liquid to a thick honey like syrup that is further dried and sieved to produce these golden brown granules.

Its unique, crumbly fine texture and satisfying caramel flavour compliments just about everything from cooking and baking to cocktails and of course coffee. It is even pretty normal to have a sneaky spoonful all by itself. It is literally that good.

500 grams per bag.

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