Porlex Mini II Handgrinder

Porles Mini II Handgrinder


Using freshly ground coffee is a game changer if you have been buying the preground stuff until now. It’s just way better…the aromatics and complexity in flavour make it well worth the investment and effort. Hand grinders are good if want something nice and portable that you can use anywhere or if you don’t yet want to buy a more expensive electric grinder. Whatever you do, don’t buy a cheap electric blade ‘spice’ grinder. Get a burr grinder of some sort to start you off on the right foot. This little guy is really popular solution and produces some consistent grind particles with minimal effort. This newer version of the Porlex Mini has the same Japanese stainless steel craftsmanship, with completely different internals to the older model. The newly designed burr set and suspension system makes grinding faster and more even with less effort. The adjustment system has also been upgraded to allow for finer increments with a better tactile feedback. The same slim external size means it still fits nicely into the plunger of the Aeropress for a compact little ‘coffee maker on the go’ kit.

Dimensions: 135mm H x 48mm D x 48mm W

Weight: 250g

Capacity: 22g whole beans

Made in Japan.

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