Bolivia Carmelita Espresso
Single Origin

Bolivia Carmelita Espresso

Passionfruit Pineapple Tamarind

Produced by Carmela Aduviri in Copacabana a small settlement 80kms from La Paz. All of the producers at the farm are Aymara, an ancient indigenous people that originally lived on the Altiplano plateau. Carmela has worked in coffee for over 40 years while raising seven children. She now manages the farm with her son Elvis and work incredible hard on improving and producing the best quality coffee possible. This lot was hand-picked and laid on raised beds to dry and turned every hour. After one week they were placed in a coco dryer a relatively unusual drying technique for coffee to help the seed dry slowly and consistently.

Farmer: Carmela Aduviri

Region: Caranavi

Varietal: Catura & Catuai

Elevation: 1,500m-1670m

Process: Coco Natural