Ethiopia Aroresa Espresso
Single Origin

Ethiopia Aroresa Espresso

Sweet and Balanced

From the well renowned coffee region of Sidama in Ethiopia’s south-east the washing station is privately owned by Wochesa Achiso in collaboration with Testi Coffee who help to manage the quality control at the washing station. This lot is produced under the Premium Cherry Selection (PCS) program which ensures the best practices are used for growing, harvesting and processing the cherries. Coffees from Sidama are noted for their intensely fruit forward, floral and complex characters. Processed using the natural method which is a very complex and meticulous process whereby careful attention and control during the drying phase to ensure a clean and balanced cup is achieved.

Farmer: 750 Small Holder Producers

Region: Sidama

Varietal: Bourbon & Heirloom

Elevation: 1,900-2,000m

Process: Natural