Ethiopia Jigesa Washed Fitler
Single Origin

Ethiopia Jigesa Washed Fitler

Green Apple

This privately owned washing station is situated in Ethiopia’s renowned Sidamo region. Coffee cherries are delivered to the Jigesa station by 850 small local coffee growers. The producers use coffee as their main cash crop alongside corn, grain and bananas. The notably high elevation and cooler climate is ideal for slow maturation of the fruit resulting in a denser bean and sweeter and more complex flavours. This Grade 1 lot is processed using a washed method after meticulous hand sorting. After pulping and grading the beans are soaked in tanks for 48 hours to remove all mucilage. We have proudly worked with coffee from this station for over four years.

Farmer: Faysel A. Yonis

Region: Sidamo

Varietal: Bourbon & Heirloom

Elevation: 1,800-1,950m

Process: Fully Washed