SPO Aponte Colombia Filter
Single Origin

SPO Aponte Colombia Filter

Hibiscus Tea Silky

Grown by 8 independent farmers around the town of Aponte. The town is incredibly remote, deep inside the Juanambu Canyon, surrounded by steep, rugged mountains. The nearby Galeras Volcano sheds nutrient rich ash to the soil around the region. The farms are all less than 1 hectare and are some of the highest elevations in Colombia. The town is home to the Inga people and operates as an indigenous reserve independent of the Colombian government. The residents continue to wear traditional garments and speak the Inga dialect. After pulping this coffee was placed on drying beds without washing, leaving a sticky mucilage that resembles honey resulting in cleaner more complex flavours in the cup.

Farmer: 8 small hold farmers

Region: Aponte

Varietal: Caturra & Colombia

Elevation: 2,100M

Process: Honey