Hadeso Ethiopia Espresso
Single Origin

Hadeso Ethiopia Espresso

Apricot Blueberry white tea
Hadeso is a privately-owned washing station in Ethiopia’s Guji zone. Named after the nearby village of Hadeso, it is one of 26 stations managed by Testi Coffee, a family owned company founded by Mr. Faysel A. Yonis. Hadeso operates at 1,950m above sea level and employs eight permanent staff and 250 seasonal workers. During harvest, around 500 independent farmers deliver freshly picked coffee cherries daily. The high elevation and cool climate of the region contribute to the slow ripening of cherries, producing denser beans with a sweeter, more complex flavour. Hadeso specializes in Grade 1 washed coffee. Cherries are meticulously hand-sorted and processed with fresh water, ensuring only the highest quality beans are selected. The rigorous sorting and grading process, including soaking and re-washing, enhances the coffee’s sweetness and clarity, resulting in an exceptional cup profile.


Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Apricot Jam, White Tea. Sweet & Delicate.

Farmer: 500 Growers

Region: Guji, Sidama

Varietal: Kurume, Wolisho

Elevation: 1,950M

Process: Washed