Jesus Geisha Mexico Filter
Single Origin

Jesus Geisha Mexico Filter

Lemon Myrtle orange Panela Sugar

Over three decades ago, Jesus' father acquired a parcel of land, envisioning a life in agriculture by cultivating various products. Initially adorned with Guaba trees, they named it El Guayabal. Presently, coffee and sugar cane thrive on the farm. Jesus received Finca El Guayabal as an inheritance from his parents and started cultivating conventional coffee. A transformative moment occurred in 2019 when Jesus realized the benefits of producing specialty coffee. Since, he has dedicated himself to showcasing the potential of Mexican coffee by delving into specialty coffee production, aiming to let the world know of the potential of Mexican coffee. Through better growing and processing practices and ensuring the highest quality, he is able to sell his coffee at a premium price. This allows his to support his family and live sustainably.

Notes: Orange Juice Concentrate, Panela Sugar, Lemon Myrtle. Juicy & Vibrant.

Farmer: Jesus Miguel Sabag Javier

Region: Ixhuatlán del Café, Veracruz

Varietal: Geisha

Elevation: 1,450M

Process: Washed