La Soledad Guatemala Espresso
Single Origin

La Soledad Guatemala Espresso

Cooked apple honeydew Yellow peach
La Soledad is a stunning coffee farm located on the slopes of Hunahpú Volcano (also known as Agua) in the heart of Antigua. Owned by Ana Lucia Zelaya and her husband Rony Asensio, this estate benefits from its unique altitude, which causes coffee cherries to ripen at different times. To ensure only the ripest cherries are harvested, Julio, their manager, leads his team through approximately eight meticulous passes over the farm each season. The coffee trees at La Soledad flourish under the protective canopy of Grevillea shade trees. This natural shelter shields the coffee from frost and excessive sunlight, allowing the cherries to mature slowly and develop rich flavors. Rony and Lucia's dedication to excellence is evident in their meticulous farming practices. As Rony proudly states, “Everything we do is done with love.”


Tasting Notes: Yellow Peach, Cooked Apple, Honeydew. Rich & Buttery

Farmer: Lucia Zelaya & Rony Asensio

Region: Antigua

Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra

Elevation: 1,585-1,750M

Process: Washed