Los Cerros Colombia Filter
Single Origin

Los Cerros Colombia Filter

Cherry cola Orange Blossom Syrupy tangelo

18 years ago, Ferney and his wife, Marina, moved out of the city into the countryside of Palermo to start their own coffee farm, Los Cerros.  8 years ago they made the decision to switch to specialty coffee with the aim of seeking to be different and have their effort recognised.  Ferney has also been someone who wants the community to have the same opportunities and so he created an association to share the knowledge and opportunities with other growers in the area.  At the farm he works alongside Marina and his son, but at the same time helps the association.  Proud of all he has achieved there is an open invite to all those who drink his coffee to visit and see first hand for themselves all of the hard work and commitment that goes into each cup.  

Notes: Cola, Cherry and Tangelo.  Floral, orange blossom.  Syrupy.

Farmer: Ferney Guerrero

Region: Huila

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Elevation: 1,817M

Process: Fully Washed