Los Rodriguez Bolivia Filter
Single Origin

Los Rodriguez Bolivia Filter

Masala Wine Raisin Syrupy

 This special lot is made up from eight small farms around the Caranavi region that form Fincas Los Rodriguez. Owned and operated by Pedro Rodriguez. He is a pioneer who has expanded the market for Bolivian specialty coffee through his group Agricafe. They have helped hundreds of local farms realize their true potential as the country faced a decline in coffee production as farms ceased to pursue more lucrative coca farming. Batian is a variety bred by the Kenyan Coffee Institute with Latin American growers recently experimenting with it. It is attractive due to being very adaptable and resistant to leaf rust. The cup quality is also exceptional and akin to the flavorful SL28 and SL34 varieties grown in Kenya.

Farmer: Los Rodriguez Family

Region: Caranavi

Varietal: 100% Batian

Elevation: 1,600-1,650m

Process: Natural