Remera Tuzumurane Rwanda Espresso
Single Origin

Remera Tuzumurane Rwanda Espresso

Brown Sugar Raspberry

This microlot is produced by 50 coffee farmers from the Tuzumurane Farmers Group near the Remera washing station. Based in Rukamiro village, these farmers have united to market their coffee separately. 'Tuzumurane', which means 'support each other' in the local language, reflects their aim for higher income and bean quality. This allows them to benefit directly from premium prices, encouraging collective efforts towards exceptional quality. This is evident in the coffee’s complex and clean profile. Cherries are hand-picked and transported to the washing station. After flotation to remove lower-grade cherries, the rest are pulped and graded by weight. They undergo dry fermentation, sorting, soaking, and pre-drying before moving to African beds for sun-drying. Coffee is meticulously sorted, milled, and stored until export, ensuring quality control throughout.

Region: Nyamagabe District

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Elevation: 1,750-2,100M

Process: Fully Washed