Cyarumbo Rwanda Filter
Single Origin

Cyarumbo Rwanda Filter

Black Tea Dark Chocolate sweet

This 900kg micro-lot was produced by 121 female farmers on the hills that surround the Cuarumbo washing station in Rwandas southern province. 23 of these women only groups are supported by the Abahuzamugambi Ba Kawa Maraba Cooperative, which means ‘trusted people’. This group has been very successful in the countries Cup of Excellence competition over the years. They sell their coffee cherry as separated day specific lots which allows them to benefit directly from any higher prices paid for their coffees resulting in higher income to support their families. This incentivises the group to strive for higher quality which is evident from this coffee. The cup has great structure, depth and intense sweetness.

For more information on the Maraba Cooperative read here: 

Farmer: Abizerwa Womens Group

Region: Huye District

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Elevation: 1,500-1,800m

Process: Fully Washed