The Coffee Purist Gift Pack
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The Coffee Purist Gift Pack

Part of our "curated gift pack" series The Coffee Purist Gift Pack is for the person who likes to get a little nerdy about their coffee. They love exploring new lighter roasted filter coffees from around the world and talk nuances in flavour profiles when they slurp their cup. Even if they aren't that extreme and want to know what we would recommend to make some consistently tasty filter coffee. 

What's included: 

1 x Varia Digital LED Scale (0.1g / 3kg precision load cell)

1 x Hario v60 Craft Coffee Maker (v60 Dripper - 600ml glass server - 40x filter papers - measuring spoon)

1 x 300g Single Origin Coffee (Roasted for filter)*

If you want to level up and get all the pro gear to go with this pack we would also suggest the following: 

Fellow Variable Temperature Kettle

Porlex Hand Grinder 


*If this is for a gift and you don't know if they have a grinder, we strongly suggest choosing Whole Beans in the options. Otherwise if they don't have access to a grinder, we can grind the coffee to suit pour over if you select the option below.