Yaye Ethiopia Filter
Single Origin

Yaye Ethiopia Filter

Blueberry Jam Dark Cherry Lychee

The Yaye washing station is dedicated to the highest quality coffee from premium lots. To incentivise farmers, a higher payment is offered for coffee grown under optimum conditions. This lot is a special natural anaerobic process. The cherries are tightly packed in tanks, and sealed with valved lids to release any CO2 while maintaining an oxygen-free environment. This is followed by 7 days of fermentation at a controlled temperature of 15-18 degrees, with regular turning. The cherries are washed with fresh water from the local river, graded by weight, and quick-dried to achieve a 35% moisture content. The cherries then dry in the sun for a further 24-30 days before milling. This meticulous process ensures the production of high-quality coffee with a distinct and exceptional flavour profile.

Notes: Lychee, Blueberry Jam, Dark Cherry, Cacao Nibs, Rich Body

Farmer: 300 Independant Growers

Region: Sidama

Varietal: Landrace & JARC Varieties

Elevation: 1,950-2,330masl

Process: Natural