Fellow Tally Pro Scale Studio Edition Fellow

Tally Pro Scale Studio Edition

What is the most important thing we need for making delicious coffee time and time again? Aside from some of our beans of course...The answer according to coffee nerds worldwide is a good digital scale, and this new product from the pro coffee gear company Fellow is one of the best and most thoughts out coffee scales on the market right now. 

Super clear OLED screen and stealth black on black Fellow look. 

The real genius here is the three modes to suit every kind of brewing method. The industry first "Brew assist" mode which recognises the ground coffee weight used and auto calculates your target brew water amount based on a set ratio; a "Timer Mode" which is a classic combo of weight and time and a straight "Weigh Mode" for when you are making espresso or maybe cookies...more details on this below. 

The scale works off a rechargeable long life battery with 13 hours of continuous use, and USB-C recharging.  

In the box:

  • 1 x Fellow Tally Pro Studio Edition Scale
  • 1 x 1 m USB-C Charging Cable

More on the Tally Pro Brewing Modes:

On Brew Assist mode, the Fellow Tally Pro automatically calculates the final brew’s target weight based on the brew ratio you set, and the weight of the coffee beans used. As soon as your start pouring, the timer begins too.

Part of the Fellow Tally Pro’s clever design is putting the target weight, current weight, and timer in clear view with your cup, so you never have to squint or take your eyes off your coffee.

For more traditional use, there’s also a Time Mode that shows the weight and timer side by side and Weight Mode that lets you switch to other units of measurement for your different weighing needs.