We started this journey back in 2013 because we felt like things could be done differently, maybe even better. Like most Aussies, Perth people loved coffee but we wanted to help gradually raise the expectations of our local coffee drinkers by having an uncompromising focus on quality and service. This is still our game plan – find amazingly good coffees from pro- ducers who we can support year after year and then share it with as many people as we can.

Sustainably sourced specialty coffee

Sourcing the best beans for us means understanding what determines a coffee’s greatness, including elements such as processing methods, varieties, growing altitudes, climate, soil and farm conditions.

Our belief is that we live on our relationships and reputation, so we enjoy working alongside like-minded people who are as proud as us to participate in the extensive process coffee goes through before it is served. Intimately knowing our customers and their businesses is even more rewarding as we grow together as a brand that stands by its products.

We are a bunch of passionate, overly excitable people who keep it simple and do this because there is something really nice about serving people great coffee.