Blue Note Blend Coffee Beans
Espresso Blend

Blue Note

Buttery chocolate Praline

Don’t you love it when you hear a certain song that brings on a memory of really great moments? The song you heard play over and over on holiday. That song your mate wouldn’t stop singing stupidly for a good few months one summer. Some say ‘music is the language of the soul’ and for us, we could probably soundtrack nearly every coffee we try.

So if this blend was a artist of genre of music, we immediately think of artists like Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Herbie Hancock, Ray Charles and B.B King. Classic and memorable, because they were a little bit different to other artists of their eras but their songs never age. You could play them anytime of day, at any occasion.

This has all your classic notes that you want in a milk blend and something worth drinking everyday.

  • Cascavel - Brazil
  • Planadas - Colombia
  • San Sebastian - Colombia
  • Umbarana - Brazil