Granja El Paraiso 92 Colombia Filter Micrology
Single Origin

Granja El Paraiso 92 Colombia Filter

peach wine gums Tropical Vanilla

Wilton Benitez is a highly specialised Colombian coffee producer of award-winning exotic coffees. His farm, Granja Paraíso 92 is named after his mission to cultivate coffees that score 92 points or above. Wilton has a biochemistry education and is the creator of Thermo Shock, a unique coffee processing technique that enhances the sweetness of the coffee.

The process starts with a strict selection, sterilisation and characterisation of the cherry. Next is the first phase, a controlled anaerobic fermentation, where a specific microorganism is added. After that, the coffee is pulped and subjected to a second fermentation phase, followed by a bean sealing process through the impacts of hot and cold water to lock in the aroma and flavour profile of his coffees.

Notes: Peach wine gums, vanilla, papaya, tropical, panela, citric and complex.

Farmer: Wilton Benitez

Region: Piendamo, Cauca

Varietal: Orange Bourbon

Elevation: 1,750masl

Process: Thermo Shock