Kiangundo AA Kenya Filter Micrology
Single Origin

Kiangundo AB Kenya Filter

Black Tea

Kiangundo is  one of four active washing stations owned by the Kiama Coffee Farmer’s Cooperative Society. Kiama is made up of over 2,100 producers who farm in Kenya’s central highlands . A ‘cherry clerk’ sorts through the cherries and then places them in a receiving tank to be pulped by a four disk pulping machine to remove the skins. After 20-24 hours of dry fermentation the coffee is then washed with fresh water from the Ragati River where another selection of the higher quality, dense beans are selected.

As you can see there is an incredible amount of processing to ensure only the highest quality beans are presented as part of this delicious lot. 

Notes: Candied orange, black ceylon tea, Blackcurrent, Chewy mouthfeel

Farmer: Kiama FCS

Region: Central Kenya

Varietal: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, Batian

Elevation: 1,750-1,850m

Process: Fully Washed