Roastery Essentials Gift Pack Micrology Curates
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Roastery Essentials Gift Pack

Part of our "curated gift pack" series this is the exact kit we use on our bar at the cafe roastery in Osborne Park. This is what we would consider the essentials for making pour over coffee. A simple, inexpensive way to make incredibly great coffee and how many of us here at the roastery make our coffee every morning. You get a 300g bag of our favourite beans roasted for filter, a Hario v60 and 100 filter papers to go with it plus the same beautiful glass carafe we use to serve our coffee at the cafe. 

What's included: 

1 x Hario plastic v60 (plastic is great for heat retention!) 

100 x Hario Filter Papers 

1 x 300g bag Single Origin Coffee roasted for filter

1 x Fellow Glass Carafe (500ml)

*If this is for a gift and you don't know if they have a grinder, we strongly suggest choosing Whole Beans in the options. Otherwise if they don't have access to a grinder, choose the option for the beans to be preground for Pour Over.