Specialty Instant Coffee
Specialty Instant Coffee
Specialty Instant Coffee
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Specialty Instant Coffee

Introducing our Specialty Instant Coffee!! Available as a 60g jar OR a 5 pack of 3g packets!

Now you can have the West Coast's best roast INSTANT-LY! As you know we roast carefully selected coffees from specialty micro lots which means that this is not any ordinary instant coffee. 

We are excited to announce our new product; a premium instant coffee roasted in Perth for those who need a quick and delicious hit! Micrologyʼs “Specialty Instant Coffee” provides an  accessible alternative to home brew methods, with two different product sizes to suit every household!

Add 3g to 200ml of water and/or milk (hot or cold). Stir and enjoy. 

Perfect to drink steamy and hot as well as icy cold! 

We really think it's for everyone! 

Origin: Colombia and Brazil