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The Bridge

Brown Sugar chocolate Vanilla

Growing up in Perth you would be often asked what “side of the river” you were from. There was some rivalry or patriotism towards whether you lived North or South of the Swan River (the river that effectively cuts through the middle of the the Perth metro area into the Indian Ocean).

Although we weirdly adopted this feeling that for some unbeknown reason we were a drastically different species than the kids on the other side of the river, probably spoke a different dialect to them and definitely couldn’t associate with one another, we soon worked out by crossing the bridge and hanging out with the “northerners” we were obviously all pretty much the same.

The bridge became our conduit to our newly found best mates. In the words of the late James Brown, “take it to the bridge” referring to that vital part in a song that connects the verses to the chorus. In the coffee world, sometimes we see a similar divide.

That is, the folks that grew up drinking the shiny black italian roasts and the younger coffee geeks that are all about the lighter roasts, which for arguments sake is we have come from. Is one better than the other or is it a matter of whichever floats your boat? We needed a bridge. Something to help bring the ‘other’ coffee drinkers into our world and hopefully serve them the best coffee of their lives but still being kind of familiar.

The blend is a class flavour profile that dances nicely with the big old buckets of milk we chugg down here in Western Australia whilst using some of the worlds highest quality specialty microlots.

  • Borralha - Brazil
  • Planadas - Colombia
  • Uraga - Ethiopia